Thursday, 20 March 2014


Tonight I'm cooking something I've never made before. I was thinking I would write a blog post about it when it was done but then I thought in lots of ways right now is the most exciting bit, the most thought filled bit. The planning and imagining bit.

Last weekend we visited the annual Thai food and culture festival in federation square. Of course I failed to capture much in photos because I was really enjoying just looking at everything and hearing all that Thai talk around me. My mind wandered often to the nostalgic place, the we used to do this everyday place.

At the festival I had pad prik khing moo, green beans fried with pork, chilli paste and kaffir lime leaves, and it was delicious. So delicious I wondered why I'd never made it. While I've come to cook Thai food quite often at home, I realised I no longer branch out much to grow my repertoire.The food stalls were awash with familiar yet often unseen dishes. The stall holders were delighted when I asked for things with their Thai names, there were big smiles and squeals and more than a few 'I give you big one!' and little unpaid for extras slipped into bags. While there's a good chance this 'special' treatment is liberally applied, the joy that comes from feeling so embraced and charmed is everything I love about the Thai experience.


A short stroll through Google told me what I needed, which isn't much actually - some beans, pork, prik khing curry paste, fish sauce, garlic, palm sugar and lime leaves. It looks like a pretty easy dish to make and the chilli paste was right on the shelf at the local Asian grocer.

So I'm giving it a whirl tonight alongside gai yang (grilled chicken), som tum (green papaya salad), porpia (spring rolls) and sticky rice.

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Suzy said...

So true about the anticipation being the most exciting bit. I feel like that about holidays - the planning where all the potential is there is so much fun. I hope dinner is delicious, it sounds wonderful.